Alpha Smart E2 2RU Distribtuion Panel

Alpha’s Smart E2 panel is a high density breaker panel used in central offices, cable headends and datacenters for tertiary distribution applications. The 2RU panel, designed with a split bus, offers the capability for up to 22 plug-in breaker/fuse positions in a 19” configuration. Individual 600A buses allow for maximum utilization of distribution capacity.
  • 2RU, 22 position, remote distribution panel for COs, MSCs and critical facilities
  • Local and remote display of voltage and current per bus through an intuitive color display
  • Local and remote display of per position breaker/fuse trip alarm
  • Monitor individual bus currents and set overcurrent alarm thresholds
  • Voltage inputs to monitor voltage drop from upstream distribution
  • Monitor ambient temperature and set over temperature alarm thresholds
  • CAN termination for central monitoring through CXC-HP controller (Automatically acquires panel)



  • Item #: 0917001-203
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